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Group meetings 2010

OCMS group meetings

Spin-phonon interaction in CuGeO3
Katja Khadikova


Charge dynamics coupled to magnetic state in multiferroic TbMnO3
Puri Handayani


Photoinduced dynamics of P3HT:[70]PCBM at different frequencies in infrared.
Almis Serbenta


Magnetism of (PEA)2CuCl4
Toni Caretta


Laser-induced demagnetization in EuO
Michiel Donker


Heat transport in spin ladders.
Marian Otter


Energy transfer of D-A-D- oligomers.
Yajun Gao


Highly polarized light emitter + high numerical aperture objective :
How the point spread function changes.
Filippo Lusitani


Magneto-Optical measurements on Cu-hybrids
Tony Caretta


Two temperature model in low dimensional quantum magnets
Martine Bol


Playing with low-dimensional quantum magnets
Matteo Montagnese


Magnetic dynamicss in EuO probed by XMCD
Michiel Donker


Charge ordering and anion ordering at the metal-insulator transition in (EDO-TTF)2PF6
Gerrit Jan Linker (external speaker)


Solar cells : work in progress (?)
Almis Serbenta


Protein translocation
Filippo Lusitani


Energy transfer in molecular wires
Vlad Pavelyev


Organic-Inorganic hybrid materials...
Not only phase transitions.
Toni Caretta


Optical pump - THz probe spectroscopy on EuO thin films
Ryota Nii


Spectroscopy of nc-Si and SiC
Sylvain Halindintwali


Low energy excitations in TbMnO3
Puri Handayani


Journal-club references

Date Presenter Article title reference
16-12-2010 Yajun Gao Observation of long-range exciton diffusion in highly ordered organic semiconductors Nature materials 9 938-943 (2010)
25-11-2010 Vlad Pavelyev Video-Rate Molecular Imaging in Vivo with Stimulated Raman Scattering Science 330, 1368-1370 (2010)
25-11-2010 Matteo Montagnese Coherent dynamics of macroscopic electronic order through a symmetry breaking transition Nature Physics 6, 681-682 (2010)
25-11-2010 Maxim Pchenitchnikov ?  
11-11-2010 Puri Handayani Ultrafast Melting of a Charge-Density Wave in the Mott Insulator 1T-TaS2 Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 187401 (2010)
11-11-2010 Katja Khadikova Disentangling thermal and nonthermal excited states in a charge-transfer insulator by time- and frequency-resolved pump-probe spectroscopy Phys. Rev. B 80 235129 (2009)
28-10-2010 Michiel Donker Ultrafast dynamics of antiferromagnetic order studied by femtosecond resonant soft x-ray diffraction Appl. Phys. Lett 97, 062502 (2010)
28-10-2010 Marian Otter Two-dimensional phonon transport in supported graphene Science 238, 213-16 (2010)
  Filippo Lusitani Light from the dark  
  Almis Serbenta    
27-05-2010 Toni Caretta Multiferroicity and hydrogen-bond ordering in (C2H5NH3)2CuCl4 featuring dominant ferromagnetic interactions Phys. Rev. B 81, 224434 (2010)
27-05-2010 Vlad Pavelyev Long-lived quantum coherence in photosynthetic complexes at physiological temperature PNAS 107, 12766 (2010)
27-05-2010 Maxim Pshenichnikov Cooperativity in ion hydration Science 328, 1006 (2010)
27-5-2010 Filippo Lusitani Serial time-encoded amplified imaging for real-time observation of fast dynamic phenomena Nature 458, 1145 (2009)
06-05-2010 Matteo Montagnese Ultrafast three-dimensional magnetization precession and magnetic anisotropy of a photoexcited thin film of iron Phys. Rev B 81, 060415(R) (2010)
29-04-2010 Vlad Pavelyev Atom-by-atom structural and chemical analysis by annular dark-field electron microscopy Nature 464 571-574 (2010)
01-04-2010 Puri Handayani Explaining the paradoxical diversity of ultrafast laser-induced demagnetization Nature Materials 9 259-265 (2010)
01-04-2010 Michiel Donker Ultrafast Demagnetization Dynamics at the M Edges of Magnetic Elements Observed Using a Tabletop High-Harmonic Soft X-Ray Source Phys. Rev. Lett. 103 257402 (2009)
18-03-2010 Tony Caretta Above-room-temperature ferroelectricity in a single-component molecular crystal Nature 463 789-792 (2010)
18-03-2010 Almis Serbenta Highly efficient photocathodes for dye-sensitized tandem solar cells Nature Materials 9 p.31 (2010)
04-03-2010 Marian Otter Ballistic heat transport of quantum spin excitations as seen in SrCuO2 Phys. Rev. B 81, 020405 (2010)
04-03-2010 Vlad Pavelyev Enhanced absorption and carrier collection in Si wire arrays for photovoltaic applications Nature Materials 9, 239-244 (2010)
18-02-2010 Puri Handayani Coherent ultrafast magnetism induced by femtosecond laser pulses Nature Physics 5, 515-520 (2009)
18-02-2010 Maxim Pchenichnikov Coherently wired light-harvesting in photosynthetic marine algae at ambient temperature Nature 463, 644-647 (2010)
Nature 463, 614-615 (2010)
04-02-2010 Filippo Lusitani Direct observation of the nanoscale dynamics of membrane lipids in a living cell Nature 457, p 1159-1162 (2009)
04-02-2010 Michiel Donker Spin-Induced Optical Second Harmonic Generation in the Centrosymmetric Magnetic Semiconductors EuTe and EuSe Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 057203 (2009)
21-1-2010 Tom Lummen Frits Zernike : How I discovered phase contrast Nobel prize 1953
21-1-2010 Almis Serbenta Ultrafast dynamics of localized and delocalized polaron transitions in P3HT/PCMB blend materials Nanoscale Res Lett 4, p 1475-80 (2009)

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