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Group meetings 2012

Group meetings

Date Speaker Title
Thursday, 19 Januari Gerrit Jan Linker Extended Debeye polarisability model
a qualitative model for the bond angle
Thursday, 0 March Matteo Montagnese Bridging the gap with a ray of light : Ultrafast dynamics & control in topological insulators
Thursday, 29 March Fulvio Parmigiani Frequency and time domain spectroscopies of complex materials
Thursday, 5 April Vlad Pavelyev Increasing of the light-harvesting efficiency in the photosystem 1
Thursday, 12 April Qi Liu Probing Phonon-Magnon dynamics in MnF2
Thursday, 19 April Dr. Stoichko Dimitrov
(Imperial College London, UK)
The role of excess energy for charge photogeneration in small bandgap polymer/fullerene blends
Thursday, 26 April Almis Serbenta Ultrafast studies of the system implementing PC70BM as efficient hole donor
Thursday, 31 May Tony Caretta Time resolved measurements at the ferroelectric transition in (C6H5CH2CH2NH3)2CuCl4
Thursday, 7 June Piet Driest Ultrafast photophysics in organic photovoltaic blends
Thursday, 14 June Vlad Pavelyev Acceptor energy levels manages ultrafast dynamics in donor-acceptor complexes
Thursday, 28 June Katja Khadikova Control of the spin-peierls phase transition by photoinduced formation of the Zhang-Rice like exciton
Thursday, 26 July Qi Liu Presentation Master Thesis :
"Magnetic heat transport in MnF2: dynamic measurement with fluorescent flash method"
Thursday, 20 Sept Deividas Sabonis  
Thursday, 4 Oct Almis Serbenta Spectroscopy as a tool to characterize morphology on the fly
Thursday, 18 Oct Michiel Donker The ultrafast Einstein-de Haas effect in EuO; Part II
Thursday, 1 Oct Marius Franckevicius Excited-state dynamic of PPI dendrimers of functionalized photochromic groups
Thursday, 8 Oct. Oleg Kozlov  
Thursday, 06 Dec Katja Khadikova Magnetic thermal rectifier
Thursday, 13 Dec Tony Caretta Optical investigation of the thermalization dynamics of a ferroelectric phase transition

Journal-club references

Date Presenter Article title reference
12-1-2012 Qi Liu Probing the electromagnetic field of a 15-nanometre hotspot by single molecule imaging Nature 469, p 385-388 (2011)
26-1-2012 Katja Khadikova Thermal spin current from a ferromagnet to silicon by Seebeck spin tunnelling Nature 474, 82-85 (2011)
9-2-2012 Vlad Pavelyev Improving Device Efficiency of Polymer/Fullerene Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells Through Enhanced Crystallinity and Reduced Grain Boundaries Induced by Solvent Additives Adv. Materials 23 p.3315-19 (2011)
16-2-2012 Tony Caretta Macroscopic non-classical states and terahertz quantum processing in room-temperature diamond Nature Photonics 6 p. 41-44 (2012)
1-3-2012 Almis Serbenta Efficient Charge Photogeneration by the Dissociation of PC70BM Excitons in Polymer/Fullerene Solar Cells J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 3, p. 140-44 (2012)
15-3-2012 Katja Khadikova Time-resolved ultrafast photocurrents and terahertz generation in freely suspended graphene Nature Comm. 3, art. nr. 646 (2012)
3-5-2012 Matteo Montagnese Spin pumping with coherent elastic waves Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 176601 (2012)
24-5-2012 Qi Liu Spin-wave lifetimes throughout the brillouin zone Science 312, p. 1926 (2006)
21-6-2012 Almis Serbenta Ultrafast Intramolecular Exciton Splitting Dynamics in Isolated Low-Band-Gap Polymers and Their Implications in Photovoltaic Materials Design J. Am. Chem. Soc. 134, p.4142 (2012)
27-9-2012 Tony Caretta Disentangling the electronic and photonic glue in high-Tc superconductor Science 335, p.1600 (2012)
11-10-2012 Julius Janusonis

Doppler velocimetry of spin propagation in a two-dimensional electron gas

Nature Physics 8 p.153 (2012)
25-10-2012 Vlad Pavelyev Visibly Transparent Polymer Solar Cells Produced by Solution Processing ACS Nano 6, p. 7185 (2012)
22-11-2012 Almis Serbenta    

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