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Group Meetings 2014

OCMS group meetings

Date Speaker Topic
13/01/2014 K. Budzinauskas Organic Solar Cells
27/01/2014 B. Zimmer Titanates - MIT and charge order
10/02/2014 Ignazio Vergara Titanates II: Optical Spectroscopy
24/02/2014 Henning Kuhn Transient Grating Spectroscopy
10/03/2014 Matteo Montagnese Diffusion of Nonequilibrium
24/03/2014 Raphael German YTiO3 and Lu0.56Ca0.44TiO3 measurements
08/04/2014 Rolf Versteeg Magneto-Optical Spectroscopy
22/04/2014 Thomas Koethe (LA,Y)TiO3_PES
13/05/2014 Fabio Strigari Correlations between ground state propterties and crystal field anisotropies in CeMIn5
10/06/2014 Kiran Horabail P. Pump-Probe Spectroscopy
24/06/2014 Andrea Severing  
08/07/2014 Kestutis Budzinauskas exciton dynamics in p6p
23/09/2014 Henning Kuhn Building and testing of a setup for Transient Grating Spectroscopy
07/10/2014 Prashant Padmanbhan  
21/10/2014 Bernhard Zimmer  
04/11/2014 Katya

Dynamical Fluorescent Micro Thermal Imaging in the La5Ca9Cu24O41 Spin Ladder Compound

18/11/2014 Simon Schäfer Development of our Static MOKE Setup and First Results
02/12/2014 Yajun Work Report

Journal-club references

Date Presenter Article title Reference
10/03/2014 Rolf Versteeg N. Gedik et al. Transient Grating Science 300 (2003)
15/04/2014 Kestutis Budzinauskas    
06/05/2014 Raphael German    
20/05/2014 Kiran Horabail P.    
03/06/2014 Thomas Koethe    
17/06/2014 Henning Kuhn    
01/07/2014 Matteo Montagnese    
30/09/2014 Andrea    
14/10/2014 Martin    
28/10/2014 Fabio    
11/11/2014 Prashant    
25/11/2014 Kestus    
09/12/2014 Simon    

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