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Group Meetings 2016

OCMS group meetings

Date Speaker Topic
01/05/2016 Matteo The CHIPMUNX Exp.
01/12/2016 Henning New Year, new Program, new Box
01/26/2016 Christoph  
02/09/2016 Thomas Inelastic photon scattering in spin-orbit-coupled matter
02/16/2016 Jingiy  
03/01/2016 Kestas  
03/22/2016 Raphael  
04/05/2016 Yajun


04/12/2016 Henning Surface Acoustic Waves in the topological insulator BiSbTeSe2
04/19/2016 Kestas Spectroscopical properties of merocyanine dyes
04/26/2016 Jingyi  
05/03/2016 Christoph  
05/10/2016 Evgeniia Magnetization dynamics of Cu2OSeO3
05/17/2016 Lena Raman Spectroscopy on Orbital-Ordered LaVO3 Epitaxial Films
05/24/2016 Thomas Inelastic photon scattering in spin-orbit-coupled matter
05/31/2016 Matteo Manifestation of a Second Dirac Surface State and Bulk Bands in THz Radiation from Topological Insulators
06/07/2016 Rolf Magneto-optics news/outlook
06/14/2016 Elina Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics in Methylammonium Lead Bromide Perovskite 
06/21/2016 Raphael The dark side of Resonance Episode II
06/28/2016 Manpreet Taking a peek into carrier dynamics in PbTe
07/05/2016 Ionela Generating novel magnetic order across epitaxial interfaces of 4d and 4d transition-metal perovskite oxides
07/12/2016 Sebastian The Kitaev Model on the Spin Orbit coupled Mott Insulator α-RuCl3
07/19/2016 Henning  
07/26/2016 Max TRRAS with the use of a PMT and Lick-in Amplifier
09/27/2016 Manpreet Ultrafast carrier dynamics of PbTe
10/04/2016 Rolf Magnetic scattering in Cu2OSeO3's Cu4 spin cluster
10/11/2016 Sebastian Cancelled
10/18/2016 Kestas Role of H-aggregation in cyanine based Donor:Acceptor system
10/25/2016 Raphael Cancelled
11/08/2016 Ionela Structural phase transitions in perovskite epitaxial ultrathin films
11/15/2016 Christoph Magnetic excitations in Cu2OSeO3
11/22/2016 Evgeniia Ultrafast dynamics of GaV4S8
11/29/2016 Henning Rayleigh Waves in BiSbTeSe2
12/06/2016 Yajun Trap states, charge carrier relaxation in microcrystalline CH3NH3PbI3
12/13/2016 Matteo Cancelled


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