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Group Meetings


Date Name Topic
10/01/2017 Jingyi Time-Resolved Spontaneous Raman spectroscopy-Probe Ultrafast thermal Relaxation and Electronic Dynamics in solid state materials
17/01/2017 Yu Ultrafast phenomena driven by intense terahertz field
23/01/2017 Elina Why are organic-inorganic perovskite compounds interesting
30/01/2017 Sebastian Phonon Properties in Raman Spectra of α-RUCl3
06/02/2017 Fumia Exciton Mott Transitions in GaAs studied by terahertz Spectroscopy
13/02/2017 Prashant  
20/02/2017 Raphael Cancelled
06/03/2017 Thomas Cancelled
13/03/2017 Kestas Cancelled
27/03/2017 Matteo Cancelled
03/04/2017 Henning Phase Grating and Amplitude Grating vs. Phase of TG and Amplitude of TG
10/04/2017 Ionela Novel types of magnetic order generated across epitaxial interfaces of transition-metal perovskite oxides
24/04/2017 Rolf Time resolved Raman update
08/05/2017 Manpreet Overview of project-PbTe
15/05/2017 Raphael Charge and Exciton dynamics in 7-Armchair graphene nanoribbons
22/05/2017 Thomas SFB Igor Mazin
29/05/2017 Christoph Spatially segregated free-carrier and exciton populations in individual lead halide perovskite grains
12/06/2017 Kestas Some new data from mixed perovskite
19/06/2017 Sebastian Quasielastic scattering in a-RuCl3
26/06/2017 Elina Update on compounds with mixed perovskite
03/07/2017 Ionela Preparation and Investigation of SrRuO3/SrIrO3 multilayers
10/07/2017 Fumiya (Towards) study of nonequilibrium dynamics of skyrmion materials
17/07/2017 Yu Update on THz
09/10/2017 Henning Status Update
16/10/2017 Ramil/Lena Preparation and Investigation of SrRuO3/SrIrO3 multilayers (II)
23/10/2017 Rolf Update time-resolved Raman
30/10/2017   Cancelled
06/11/2017 Christoph Raman measurements on MoSe2 and MoTe2
13/11/2017 Dario Cancelled
20/11/2017 Kestas Control of exciton dissociation rate, using molecular spacers
27/11/2017 Sebastian Cancelled
04/12/2017 Christoph Intervalley scattering in MoS2
11/12/2017 Fumiya Skyrmions
18/12/2017 Yu  


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