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Group Meetings

Date Name Topic
08.01.2018 Yu THz measurements on BSTS
17.01.2018 Lin Multiferroicity of the manganites with spin frustrated RMn2O5(R=Dy, Tm)
24.01.2018 Anuja Photostriction in SrRuO3
21.02.2018 Raphael cancelled
28.02.2018 Kestus Recent results on perovskites
07.03.2018 Henning cancelled
21.03.2018 Raphael cancelled
28.03.2018 Raphael Exciton dynamics in 7-Armchair graphen nanoribbons
04.04.2018 Ionela Progress report on the SrRuO3-based heterostructures
11.04.2018 Suqin THz conductivity of charge puddles in the topological insulator BSTS
18.04.2018 Ramil Magneto Optical investigations of thin film heterostructures
25.04.2018 Fumiya trMOKE with regen, experimental plan on Skyrmion-host material GaV4S8
02.05.2018 Jörg Magnetotransport properties of transition metal oxide thin film heterostructures
09.05.2018 Anuja 2 magnon scattering in KCoF3
16.05.2018 Dorian Heat accumulation
23.05.2018 Rolf  
30.05.2018 Lin Topological Hall Effect Investigation in Interface by Magneto-Optical Measurement
06.06.2018 Christoph Intervalley dynamics in TMDs
13.06.2018 Henning Outlook for the Transient Grating lab
20.06.2018 Christoph  
27.06.2018 Rolf Skyrmions in the 19th century, update on linear optical phenomena, and the cluster
10.10.2018 Suqin Ultrafast THz Pump-Probe experiment in BSTS
17.10.2018 Kestutes

Self Assembly polar molecules: a way to control CT state formation

24.10.2018 Jörg st MOKE a status upgrade
31.10.2018 Fulvio How to successfully write an academic paper
07.11.2018 Cancelled  
14.11.2018 Karolin  
21.11.2018 Lena Skyrmions in SrRuO3 based heterostructures?
28.11.2018 Cancelled  
05.12.2018 Lena  
12.12.2018 Henning Spin grating on MoSe2
19.12.2018 Cancelled X-Mas Party  


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